Payment Methods

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Payment methods available in include:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Bank to bank wire transfers
  3. Western Union (10% discount)
  4. MoneyGram (10% discount)

Why Credit Card Payment Over Charge?

1.The Isuuing bank /Payment gateway will charge 10% fee because make payment to oversea. Thats why we recommend take Othe payment method and get more 10% Discount.

2.The payment gateway only charge in US dollars-->China Yuan,so the customer will lose some amount because of the exchange rate.


Why Credit Card Payment Failed?

The status of your order will change to Paying in seconds if payment went through,If the status still show Unpaid that means your payment failed.

1.Payment Was  rejected by Creditcard (no authorization from you),Please contact the issuing bank to release the payment that you need make payment to oversea and try again with the credit card, after you called,try to make payment again .YOU don't need to place a new order ,just login your account ,click "My orders" ,and on the order page you will see a button to complete the payment.

2.Payment was rejected by Credit card because of Insufficient balance. please fix it and try again.


About Credit Card Payment Refund?

Your refund will submit within 24 hours if you request,the payment gateway and isuuing bank will take 7-30 workdays to process it,that means the amount would credit back to your card in 7-30 workdays. please be patient.


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